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Medical Camps

"Going far and wide to reach those in need"

Medical Camps

We are serving the people who are living in the high areas of the Himalayas. Hospitals and clinic facilities are only found in the district office which is far from remote villages.

Health posts may be found and manned by the local health workers in the villages but they often have difficulties helping the sick due to a lack of the right medical equipment and medicine.

Villagers who need to visit doctors have to travel for days just to reach the hospital by foot, donkeys, bus, and jeep.

We organized overseas medical teams to provide medical and dental services in the neediest and most remote mountainous areas to give assistance.


The Experience

Thehe, Humla located in the Far West Nepal Himalaya region. An overseas medical team from Singapore consists of 14 people who took two domestic flights from the capital city of Kathmandu and walked 6 hours to this village to conduct medical services to 1000 villagers together with the health staff from the local district office.


People here never had good medical services and often lack of medicines supplies.

Besides medical services, doctors and nurses also provide general health knowledge, promote hygiene, and healthy lifestyle practices in their daily lives.

“ No one came all the way here to help us. Your team are the first. We have a lack of medicines. For us, it is difficult to go clinics by long walks, especially for elderly people. We really appreciate your love for us”


- Kaili Bahadur ( Villager)

Mobile Clinics

When we reach out to Nomad people living in the highlands which are located at 4000-4800m and the most remote last and highest villages in the bordering Himalayas.

The living environment is often very challenging, weather is extremely cold -40C in the evening with a lack of warm facilities and public transport.

These places can be only be reached in many days by jeeps, and further by hike or even sometimes by helicopter.

Our teams with doctors bring the mobile clinics to their living tents and villages’ homes to provide medical services to them


The Experience

Sonam lives in a 4500m valley in Ladakh, North India. She was suffering severe stomach gastric pain when we visited her. The pain was so unbearable, she could hardly walk.


She was not able to see a doctor where the clinic is a few days journey away and no medicines available in her tent.

After a check-up by our volunteer doctor. Sonam was treated with medicines and recovered from the pain.


Medicine Boxes

Local ground staff and volunteer teams visit from house to house and village to village to deliver vital medicines to impoverished families and children.

They can only be reached by bus, donkeys, and walking. It takes days to reach the head office in the main district.

The teams also encourage knowledge of hygiene and avoidance of the COVID virus, distribute vital products such as masks and sanitation, give them love and comfort.

[This project was made possible with a partnership with Singapore Red Cross]

The Experience

There are many villagers living in the high lands just like Tenjing’s condition.

She lives in a remote village in the Himalaya range Nepal, Shindupalchowk district.


It started off with only a small wound, but due to no immediate proper treatment, the wounds became severe and seriously infected, causing her much pain. Our worker Kamal visited her home with the medicine box, treated her wounds and gave her medicines to apply at home.


Specific Medical Assistance

Along the Himalaya regions, people who live in the high mountains need to travel for many days to reach a hospital.

The journey itself requires them to travel by different modes of transport. Walk, bikes, buses, and/ or mountain flights.


They lack financial ability.

We support these individuals with various medical conditions for their travel, check-ups, and treatment cost.

We send patients with various critical medical conditions to hospitals for treatment, operations, check-ups, and follow-up.

The Experience

Lina had a simple eye infection but without proper treatment, she had to travel to the regional hospital for treatment as it was getting serious. We met the family and understood their situation. We then supported her travel costs, treatment and now she has fully recovered!

Helped at least 10 individuals in different mountains with different medical conditions.

  1. Man with a Paralyzed hand for treatment.

  2. Man needed Hip bone operation.

  3. A boy for a leg check-up due to too weak to walk for the long term.

  4. Women with lung disease.