Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE)

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Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE)

Every year there are tens of thousands of young students who graduated from Universities in Himalayan countries and yet, these graduates have difficulties finding employment in both the government and private sectors. The market does not have enough job opportunities for graduates. Hence creating an issue of an increasing number of unemployed graduates.


Border Mission’s chairman being a successful entrepreneur is very passionate to impart his life experience with young people. We are working with Singapore Management University (SMU) in collaboration with Tribuvan University (TU) in Nepal and BML Munjal University (BMU) in India to set up and establish Higher Learning Institutes. This will equip graduates with the right skills and knowledge to become entrepreneurs and build up a strong foundation for the future of economies.


Education Camp

School children in the mountains are lacking opportunities to learn practical living English and expose to creative ideas in terms of ark works, games, and music.


We organized education camps for 750 children in different selected mountain villages.

During the week, children get to learn English, Music, Games, Art & Crafts and were able to interact with the overseas volunteer teams. The children had great fun and they make art pieces to give to their families!


Educational Aids

In the highland villages that we are serving, we identify and meet the special needs. We understand education is important to each and every child.


  • In the Northern district of Nepal, some secondary schools are too far from villages. We provided bicycles to students to go to school so that they don’t have to wake up early before dawn. Enabling them to rest well after school. They have more time to do their homework and be productive when studying.

  • Most remote schools usually face a lack of teaching facilities and apparatus in their classrooms. We supplied the teaching apparatus to the classes for 250 children.

  • In North India Kaza, a very remote village above 3500m, there are Tibetan tribal children who are eager to learn their native language. We have provided a motorcycle to a special language teacher to travel to their village school and conduct daily language classes for them!

  • In the Highland Himalaya areas, there is no electricity available. We set up solar systems for schools in Far West Nepal so that the children can go for evening tuition classes, learn computer skills and the school can print exams and teaching materials in the school.

  • In very remote villages, families are often short of resources. Children do not have proper bags to go to school and normally have to carry books with their hands. In the Far East of Bhutan, Merak of Tashigang. We have provided school bags to 200 children from a village.