"Love and support from the Heart"

Community Aid

Winter Clothes

Weather in high mountain ranges from 2500-4500m is extremely cold and cruel during winter. Residents in these areas cannot afford to buy winter jackets to keep warm. It is not accessible for them too. They have to walk a few days and few days bus journey to get to shops to buy for necessities.

Some areas in the last villages lying in the bordering area like Northern part of Gorkha, Nepal, there is no jeep road available. We delivered the winter jackets and send the warmth by donkeys to the villages.

Distributed winter apparels to keep warm for 600 villagers

Distributed winter apparel to keep warm 650 vulnerable children.

Sunglasses to protect the eyes

The intense UV will harm the eye sides of the Nomads and people who work in the open fields during the summer in the North India Himalaya highland valleys. These women cannot afford to buy sunglasses that give good enough protection. 

We discovered sponsors for the sunglasses and provided the ladies who work on the fields with protective sunglasses. These ladies are always exposed to heavy UV sunlight when tending to their flock of sheep.

We reached 60 families in 4 regions of Nomad.

Family Financial support

There are many families and children who live in deep poverty and are unable to support themselves.

Our staff identified their needs in various areas by visiting the villages. By providing basic financial assistance, we practically support their living challenges.

Transport vehicle for disabled people

For people living in poverty but are able to self-sustain, we evaluate their needs and assist them accordingly.

In order to encourage them to commute to work more efficiently on a day to day basis, we provided motorbikes to disabled people so that they can provide for their families.

Self-sustaining living tools

Ladies do not have sufficient education and living skills to make a living for families in remote regions.

We have provided sewing machines and skills development in Nepal to teach and enable women to make clothes so that their families can earn a living.

We reached out to 50 women, providing them with training.

Orphanage Home support

In some of the district offices and cities of Nepal and India, children's homes are set up to take care of single-parent children or orphans from Himalayan sites to give them a life and education.

These orphanage homes often lack resources.


The Experience

Dolma is 50 years old. She loves the sunglass and she no longer suffers from eye pain due to UV when she works in the field.


Gifts to Children

Compared to children living in more developed cities, children in the mountain regions do not have the privilege to access certain items. These kids who have low exposure to the outside world do not have many chances to keep their own photographs or collect presents from strangers such as shirts, toys, hats, bags, etc.

We want to bring love and joy to these children.  


Polaroid photographs were distributed to 900 children as well as Soft toys, T-shirts, Caps and Bags 

for 1000 kids in Nepal, India and Bhutan.


Covid Relief

Food to those affected by COVID 19 

During the Covid pandemic lockdown, individuals have lost their jobs. With no income to survive on, families struggle with food.

Our staff stationed in the regions identified the neediest families and we supplied the people of these villages with essential food supplies such as dals, oil, rice, onions, etc.

We reached out to 1000 families in Nepal, Pakistan, India, and Bhutan


The Experience

”Thank you very much for giving us food. It can last us for a month, we do have a job and money to buy these. You come at the right time to provide us”

- Shanti (Villager)



The Basic Infrastructure

To improve accessibility, roads were built to connect 3 villages to the main road.
Constructed toilets to improve the hygiene of those areas in 4 poorer regions.


To link people to the development of the current challenges, radios were given to >1000 villagers throughout the 14 Himalaya districts in Nepal.

Providing each district with one projector. In the remote mountains, >4000 people can access movie entertainment without TV and the internet.


Disaster Management

Many areas are hit by earthquakes in the regions we are serving. Schools and homes have been lost and no assistance is available as they live in inaccessible locations.

We restored a primary school and homes that were ravaged by Nepal's earthquake.

Lighting Up

In the high mountains of Northern Nepal, there is no electricity supply in most of the homes and tents.

We supplied solar power sets to generate electricity for 35 homes and a solar system for one community camp of 20 families. We have also supplied headlights for the tents at night for 80 families in the nomadic areas.


Drug Rehabilitation

We are partnering with Breakthrough Mission Singapore to set up a drug rehab center in Northern India to help youths and adults away from addiction and live a new life.