Border Mission

About us

Who We Are

Founded by: George Goh Ching Wah & Lysa Sumali

Border Mission serves, empowers, and brings hope to the future of the unreached and forgotten people.


Urban Recycler




Community Works

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Core Purpose

  • We aim to reach the neediest grassroots level people in Singapore.

  • We aim to reach the most remote highland villages in the Himalaya bordering regions.



  • Crossing Borders by Faith


  • Reaching Forgotten People with Hope

  • Touching the Unreached through Love

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Core Values

  • Compassion & Love

  • Integrity

  • Personal touch on the ground to meet the needs

  • Courage to reach the furthest to find the most needy and remote places


Our Reach


To be where are the elderly cardboard collectors are to improve their daily living.


We travel on difficult terrains on the higher land from 2,500m-4,500m to reach the most isolated villages in the Himalaya countries.

We have

  • Reached the last villages located at the Himalaya bordering regions

  • Reached the highest villages up to 4,500m altitude living below 30°C weather condition

  • Reached these most inaccessible villages by helicopter, mountain flights, by road, and by foot (of longest 15 days).

We push our boundaries to give hope to people no matter how far or how difficult it is to reach.


Our Beneficiaries


Who - Neglected and forgotten people with greater challenges in daily survival.

Where - Grassroot areas of Singapore.


Who - Unreached Tribal groups living in the remote mountains/ bordering/rural regions.

Where - High Land (2500m-4000m), focusing on borders of countries and hard to reach frontier areas.